Global Challenge

We aspire to bring our research and discoveries to address challenges facing our world in the 21st century

Diseases do not know the borders of nations, and as such our health initiatives and research transcend national boundaries to deliver life-saving interventions on a global scale.

We aim to address the unmet health needs across the world, with what we do best, research and technology. By offering actionable solutions we combat these complex issues that our society struggles with head on.

Our strengths lie in health devices, clinical research, and health and public policy, by utilizing these three we strive for success not just in the lab, but also in communities, and the home. Successes in global health need to be measured not just by publications and clinical breakthroughs, but in improvements of people’s quality of life that are no less important than curing disease.
what we do


Student Innovation for Global Health Technology. Our motto: Simple Technology, BIG Difference. Innovation by undergraduate students from different backgrounds aiming for tangible solutions appropriate for all communities.


Incus Company LTD

Partnering with local health authorities to improve lives, we are an IP-driven pattern recognition technology startup providing disruptive solutions on hearing aids, speech recognition, AI control and audio forensics.


Fighting against Alzheimer's Disease

Our groundbreaking discoveries offer new hope for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.